Procedures For Filing An Objection

  1. Depositors whose deposits are classified as ineligible-to-be-paid deposits according to the result of reconciliation and verification process objects the reconciliation and verification result, depositors may file an objection to IDIC with a support of clear proofs.

  2. IDIC will follow up the objection filed by depositors when the objection filed meets one of the following criteria:

     I.   Written objection is submitted by the depositors within one year period since the announcement of verification result which determines the status of deposits as ineligible-to-be-paid deposits;

    II.   Objection letter substantially states an objection to the determination of one's deposits as ineligible-to-be-paid deposits and information on deposits as well as reasons of objection; and

    III.   Supporting documents which will be used as clear evidences of the objection must be attached in the objection file. The following are evidences that must be submitted by depositors:

    ·  Proof of deposit (passbook/biljet/cheque)
    ·  ID Card(KTP/SIM/PASPOR)
    ·  Validated Receipt of Deposit
    ·  Other supporting documents that can be used as clear proofs of objection 

  3. In the event of IDIC has approved the objection from depositors, IDIC will reclassify the status of deposit and pay the insurance claims in accordance with the deposit insurance policy.